A long-valued friend who works in a major telecommunications firm was recently on the edge of a business conversation about big data.

He suggested that they change conversation.
“What is the data saying”
“What does the business need to ask the data?”

Do you have a sense of how much will need to change in the sociology of the managers in that business for that to take place?

Conversations that hope for magic solutions, that abdicate responsibility, that expect IT to give answers. Vague “stuff” emerges that people then have to invent ideas about how to go forward. Not as though they didn’t already have a surfeit of information without insight….

Conversations in which they take responsibility their future, hypothesise what it could look like, form views on where they might need to act, and provide questions to the analysts that are sharpened and honed in conversation to inform what they need to know in order to commit to action.

Good advice, Tom

Change conversation, indeed.

David Jones

Changing the ways people talk to get work done.

New work? New conversation! Change Conversation.